Automatic Fish Feeder – New arrival

একোয়াবাংলা অটোমেটিক ফিশ ফিডার। Plastic Body
Power: 220V / 50HZ
Product size: 56 x 56 x 80cm
Feeding amount: 80 kgs
Rotating speed: 2800 r/min
Feeding distance: ≥16m
Feeding area: ≥140㎡. Feed spreading capacity 5kg/min

!! Discount for large amount of order !!

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    Munshi Jalal Uddin

    Do you have smaller Automatic Fish Feeder, 20-30 kg capacity and 5-6 kg capacity, which may suitable for indoor colour fish tanks? I need one of 20-30 capacity and at least 6 of 5-6 kg capacity. I am Munshi Jalal Uddin, ph 01913013332

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